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Blue Sage Eco Boutique was founded in 2013 in the hopes to educate consumers about the importance of clean living as well as connect consumers with quality eco-friendly products. Blue Sage Eco Boutique creates quality, eco -friendly products and handcrafted candles that promote personal growth, peace and prosperity.





This fun yet practical mini kit was created to honor the Four Natural Elements of the Universe: Earth, Air, Water + Fire.

Kit Contains:
1 - 4 oz Candle
1 - Strike on the Bottle Matches
1 - Smudge Wand
1 - Mini Abalone Shell

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This fun yet practical kit was created to honor the Four Natural Elements of the Universe: Earth, Air, Water + Fire.

Everything in the physical World was observed to have a combination of four principal qualities – hot, cold, dry and moist. A combination of hot and dry produced Fire, hot and wet resulted in Air, cold and dry gave Earth, and cold and wet combined to produce Water. Furthermore, these four elements combined to create life, but only together with the quintessential fifth element, the life force, the ‘aether’, ‘spirit’ or ‘prana’. - Source: Ancient Symbols

EARTH: Palo Santo wrapped in white sage and florals

  • Prosperity, stability, groundedness, physical abundance, dependability, security, intuition, and wisdom.

AIR: Stardust Mini Intention Candle made with soy wax, essential oils + topped with white sage, himalayan pink salt, lavender buds and copal resin

  • Communication, intelligence, perception, knowledge, learning, thinking, imagination, creativity, harmony, and travel

WATER: Mini Abalone Shell

  • Water is constantly flowing, with much of its activity happening below the surface.

  • Dreaming, flowing, purification, regeneration, healing, strength, change, fertility, receiving, unconditional love, and devotion

FIRE: Strike on the Bottle Matches

  • Passion, light, energy, activity, freedom, vision, power, love, anger, strength, courage, and confidence


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