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Founded in 2013, Blue Sage Eco Boutique creates wellness candles and products for sacred moments.

Sage Wands


Sage Wands


7"-9” sustainably sourced White Sage, Black Sage, Black Sage or Lavender Smudge Wands.

Smudge sticks are used to purify the air, disperse negativity, and protection.

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7"-9” sustainably sourced White sage, Black Sage, Lavender or Grandma Smudge Wands.

White Sage, is sacred to many and has been for ceremonial purposes for thousands of years. Sage is used for purification, healing, calming and is often burned to cleanse a space of any negative energy. The power of the sage is said to be released from the plant by burning the leaves.

Black Sage, also called Mugwort, is a powerful smudge for purification and clearing. It also a natural option to use as an insect repellant. Black Sage pulls your consciousness towards other realms. This is a great tool for Shamanism, Divination and Dream Work. Smudge sticks are used to purify the air, disperse negativity, and protection.

Blue Sage, can be used in ritual ceremonies, house cleansing, or simply for aroma. Smudge sticks are used to purify the atmosphere, disperse negative energy, and protection. Blue Sage is refreshing, relaxing, potent and purifying.

Lavender, is a popular plant used for smudging practices. Lavender is also used to attract loving energy and spirits.

Set Your Intentions for your Ritual:
Clear your energy and cleanse your space with this high vibrations smudge stick.

Sage Tip: Open window(s) and/or door when you sage your home.